PAY $1000 by Dec 31, 2020 and Receive a 50% Discount

on Design Services throughout 2021


This year has been crazy and I'm hoping I can help give my clients a boost in 2021 with a great deal on graphic design and advertising, while giving my own 2020 income a quick boost before the end of the year. (I'm trying to qualify for a house purchase and I think we've all been there, right?) So if you want to help out your favorite graphic designer and get a smokin' deal in the process, take a look at what I'm offering...I think you'll like it!


Normally, $1000 would buy 10 Design Hours, for my amazing graphic design services :) But with this limited time deal, you will get twice as much of my creative time...a full 20 Design Hours to use at any time throughout 2021.  By paying upfront, you're getting the deeply discounted design rate of ONLY $50/hr!  Whether you have one big project or small ones throughout the course of the year, you'll be a step ahead of the game with 20 Design Hours, ready to use. And if you have even bigger plans for 2021, and want to buy more than 20 hours, we can do that too!

At this discounted rate, you'll be in a great position to build your brand, promote your business and have your graphic design needs met in the coming year! 


AND....if you are tax planning and need to show additional 2020 expenses, this is a wonderful, creative solution with savings that extend into your 2021 marketing plans.

If you have questions, please contact me...I'd love to hear from you! Or click the button below if you want to take me up on this deal right now! Let's move forward into 2021, with a plan for success!